Shauna E. Black's Dystopian eClub

Thanks for your interest in joining my Dystopian eClub! A few days after you sign up below, you'll get an invitation to download a free novella: Rebel Formed! This is a parallel story to my novel Rebel Bound. Find out how Mardy spent her time in Dupont Shelter as Lucio began indoctrinating her with Impartialist ideals and prepared her for the nefarious task she performed in the novel. Only eClub members will get this book, so hop on the list now, and I'll send you a copy in a few days!

After that, you'll get a note from me every so often, especially whenever I have a new dystopian book coming out or exciting news to share. Be sure to add me to the "white" list in your email program so that you won't miss anything!

By the way, I consider spam something that comes in a can, not my emails, so no worries there. And you can unsubscribe anytime.
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